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House " Ravesta "

City / Village: Elena
District: Elena
Region: Elena
Telephone: 0887378616
Mobile: 0888131435
Web site: www.ravesta.bg

"Welcome to the guess house RAVESTA, made  with much love from us to you . Guest House "Ravesta is located 6 kilometers southeast of Helena, in the village Ruhovtsi, neighborhood Kehayovtsi. There are 3 double and 1 triple room, dining room, two bathrooms and digital television. At your disposal there is a large green yard where your children freewill to play. The house is a good place for family recreation and relax throughout all seasons. The closeness of the local river contributes to the outdoors pleasures  - fishing and eco-tourism.This is an unique resting place of  calm atmosphere, fresh mountain air and extremely beautiful nature.  
In the cool summer evenings here you  can make an outdoor barbecue under the stars in the company of  your beloved  people and friends. Only 2 kilometers far from the house is situated the Hristovskiya waterfall, with its unique beauty and magnificence. If you want to be away from the noise and the quicken way of living , and to immerse in a sea of peace and quietness, welcome here with us! Here,the time seems to stop! We will be happy to be your hosts!
Ruhovtsi exists as a village before the Liberation. It arises from the established  there special areas ( plugari )  for the herds of the cattle, attracted by the abundant grazing. In some Turkish sources it appears as Ruholare. For the name of the village there are  two hypotheses: the one - on behalf of the first settler  grandfather Ruho from  Elena,who during the search of pasture for the cattle he found this place, he liked the nature and the conditions for cattle-breeding and he decided to dwell there; the second hypotheses is that the village  was established at the end of XVI century by settlers from the  Radomirs village  called Rusolare among whom was also grandfather Ruho. The main livelihood of the population was the cattle-breeding and the agriculture. The insufficient arable land forced the people to gain their living by horticulture and masonry in other parts of the country.The trade and the crafts developed in the village.The one of the earliest monastery schools in the region was existed there. It was opened in 1828 and located in different private houses, while in 1857 on horishteto" was built a school, but  classes were not  held in it. The following year a new school was built in the center of the village. In 1904 was  opened an  evening school for adults and  in 1921  - the first junior high school class. Ruhovtsi is recognized from a hamlet to a village since 1887. After the liberation it is associated with its neighborhoods Kehayovtsi, Staykovtsi and Hristovtsi and it is an independent municipality. During the Russo Turkish War 1877-1878  the village was devastated and preyd.

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